Thursday, March 6, 2014

PTU - Soft Breezes Scrap Tag Tut

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Materials Needed:
PSP X6 or any version should work.
A tube of your choice. I used the beautiful fantasy artwork of Selina Fenech which you can purchase at Creative Design Outlet.
You must have a license to use this art. 
Scrap Kit - ScrapHH_OutLikeALamb by Hungry Hill being released on March 7, 2014 is also available for purchase at Creative Design Outlet.

Let's Begin

*Note* all elements that are resized have also been sharpened and drop shadows added.

Open a new transparent image 800 x 800.
Open Paper 10 - apply Mask 1- merge group.
Open Frame 3 from the scrap kit - duplicate - close original.
Copy & paste frame as a new layer - Image - Rotate Left - Center frame on canvas.
Resize frame layer by 80%
Click inside the frame with the Magic Wand.
Selections - Modify - Expand by 5
Add a raster layer - Open Paper 11 - copy &  paste into selection - select none then move this layer below the frame layer.
Open Wordart 1 - duplicate - close original - copy & paste wordart as a new layer above the frame.
Resize wordart layer by 80% and position it so the word 'growing' is at the bottom of the frame - see my tag above.
Open tube of choice - duplicate - close original - flip horizontal - copy & paste as a new layer above wordart layer.
Position the tube so she is sitting on the word 'breezes' and line up the straight edge of her wing with the inside of the frame.
Open from elements folder - greenery-mist, pavers, cloud and sun.
Resize by 90% the greenery-mist and pavers.
Resize by 80% the cloud.
Resize by 20% sun.
Copy & paste each element as new layers. 
Move the cloud and sun below the frame layer and position them in the upper right corner of the frame - see my tag.
Move the greenery-mist above the frame layer and position along bottom edge of frame.
Move the pavers below the frame layer and align with the bottom edge of the greenery-mist.
Open the lamb and birdie - resize each by 25% - copy & paste as new layers - see my tag for positioning.
Open any flowers you would like to embellish with.  I chose the purple mum and resized by 40% then put behind the frame and cloud leaving only petals poking out.
I used the flower twig deco resize 75% and positioned far left at the bottom below the little birdie layer.  Do the same with any other flowers or greens you want to add.
Open the glitter-spills resize to your liking - copy & paste as new layer and move the blue one to the bottom of the layer palette - duplicate and flip horizontal.
Move the yellow glitter-spill so it's below the wordart layer.

Once you are done playing with the elements and have added drop shadows where you wanted, resize to liking, crop merged opaque, merge all layers visible then add the proper credit, copyright and text.

Thank you for trying my tut.

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