Friday, June 28, 2013

PTU Pasta Pup Scrap Tag Tut

© AWDesigns Tutorials - June 2013

This tutorial is my own creation and any resemblance to others is purely coincidental.  This tutorial was written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.  Please do not copy or claim as your own.  Anything you produce from this tutorial is yours to do what you wish for personal use only.  No profit is to be made from your results. 
Materials Needed:
PSP X or any version should work. 
A tube of your choice.  I used the gorgeous artwork of Maryline Cazenave which you can purchase at Creative Design Outlet. You must have a license to use this art. Scrap Kit - ScrapLML_IB-MarylineCazenave-8-1 by LML Designs can be purchased at Creative Design Outlet. 
Let's Begin!
Open tube of choice - duplicate - close original.
Open Paper4 - duplicate - close original.
Apply Mask 502InsatiableDreams to Paper4 - Merge Group.
Selections - Select All - Float - Defloat
Add a new raster layer.
Open Paper5 - set your foreground color to Pattern and choose Paper5 as your pattern. Set angle to 45 and size 25. 
Flood fill new raster layer with paper5 pattern.
Select None
Add drop shadow - V/H 1, Opacity 30, Blur 2, black.
Merge layers visible.
Resize by 90% & move circle down to the lower edge of your canvas.
Open Wordart - copy & paste as a new layer and position near bottom of circle (see my tag).
Open Frame2 - copy & paste as a new layer.  
Position centered just above the wordart. 
Grab the magic wand - Mode Add(Shift) and click inside the frames. 
Selections - Modify - Expand by 5
Open Paper6 - copy & paste as a new layer.
Make sure your Paper6 layer is active - Selections - Invert.
Hit delete key once to remove excess paper.
Select None.
Move Paper6 layer below the frame layer.
Open the 2 wooden utensils - resize by 50% - copy & paste as a new layer and place inside the left frame. Use your Pick Tool to turn each slightly to the right to match the angle of the frame.
Add drop shadow to each utensil V/H 2, Opacity 30, Blur 3.
 Open the clock - resize 50% - copy & paste as new layer - position upper left corner of frame.
Add same drop shadow.
Open Element6 - resize 50% copy & paste as new layer and place on left side of frame under the clock.
Add same drop shadow.
Add any other elements you'd like & add drop shadow to each as you go.
When you are done decorating, merge all layers visible.
Resize to 550 x 550.
Crop - Merged Opaque.
 Add © copyright information, license number and any text or name you want.
  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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