Wednesday, January 15, 2014

PTU - Touch of Tenderness Scrap Tag Tut

©AWDesigns Tutorials 2014

This tutorial is my own creation and any resemblance to others is purely coincidental. This tutorial was written for those with a working knowledge of PSP. Please do not copy or claim as your own. Anything you produce from this tutorial is yours to do what you wish for personal use only. No profit is to be made from your results. 

Materials Needed:
PSP X6 or any version should work.
Mask 455 by InsatiableDreams
Font Used:  Sweetly Broken
A tube of your choice. I used the stunning artwork of Anna Marine which you can purchase at Creative Design Outlet.
You must have a license to use this art. 

Scrap Kit - ScrapFoxy_IB-AnnaMarine-12-3 by Foxy's Designz is also available for purchase at Creative Design Outlet.

Note:  all elements that are resized should be sharpened and drop shadows added.

Let's Begin by opening a new transparent image 800 x 800.
Open Paper2 - copy/paste as new layer - apply Mask 455 - merge group.
Open Papers 5 and 6 duplicate and close originals.
Copy paper 5 - paste as new layer.
Copy paper 6 - paste as new layer on top of paper 5 - lower layer opacity to 50 - merge the two papers visible.
Open Element2 - copy/paste as new layer - position center top of your work - set blend mode to Screen - Opacity to 45 - merge layers visible.
Image - resize at 60% - resize all layer unchecked as we only want to resize this layer.
Open Frame1 - copy/paste as new layer.
Position the paper layer so that the top portion of the paper is inside the frame (see my tag).
Using the Magic Wand - click inside the frame - go to selections - modify - expand by 2 - selections - invert.
With paper layer active - hit delete key once to remove excess paper outside the frame.
Selections - None.
Open Element15 - resize 80% - copy/paste as new layer - move this layer between the paper and mask layer in the palette - position top center of canvas.
Open Element19 - copy/paste as new layer - position between the frame and the paper layer - sparkles will be inside the frame.
Open Element14 - resize 80% - copy/paste as new layer - position above frame layer - bottom center (see my tag).
Open tube - duplicate and close original - copy/paste tube as new layer - position far right side of frame with her elbow in line with the bottom edge of the frame.
Open Element9 - copy/paste as new layer - position along bottom edge of tube - centered.
Open Element3, 12 and 20 - resize each by 80% or more depending on how you like it - copy/paste each as new layers and position on left bottom corner of the frame.
Open Element16 - resize 40% - copy/paste as new layer - position bottom right over top of the long ribbon (see my tag).
Open Element13 - resize 80% - copy/paste as new layer - position how you wish or see my tag.
Open Butterfly wordart - resize 80% - copy/paste as new layer - centered above the frame - move layer below the butterflies layer.

Be sure to add drop shadows where you like and feel free to embellish with other elements to make it uniquely yours.
Merge all layers visible.
Resize to your liking - sharpen - crop merged opaque.
Add © info and any text or name you like.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.


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